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Agios Dimitrios Transfers

Agios Dimitrios (also known as Brahmami) is part of the southern sector of Athens. The settlement developed around the church of Ag. Dimitriou was the original web of Brahmami village during the interwar period. In the Ottoman domination, but also after the liberation, all Alimos, and not only, was an immense estate. His authority was in Aghios Ioannis Kareas and extended to Kavouri. The area, including the agricultural village, belonged to Brahma pasha - of which Saint Demetrios is called Brahmami - and to Hasan pasha, from which the name Hasani was derived. All this property was divided into parcels, which the municipality of Athens, to which it belonged, donated or sold. This has resulted in the creation of several settlements.The Brahma community was founded in 1925. Until then the village of Brahami belonged to the municipality of Athens. By Order of 1925, Brahmami was administratively governed by the municipality of Athens and constituted a community comprising the districts of Brahma, Aghia Varvara (Dafni today), Katsipodi, Pikrodaphni and Agios Kosmas. In 1928 the community was renamed Agios Dimitrios. It was transformed into a municipality of Agios Dimitrios, but it was based in Dafni in 1942.

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