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Pagkrati Transfers

Pagkrati Pagrati is a district of the eastern part of the City of Athens, one of the largest and most populous. It is adjacent to the region of Syntagma - Kolonaki, Kesariani, Vyrona, Hymettus, Neos Kosmos and Metz. It is a short walk from the historic center of Athens. The district was developed in the eastern and southeast of the river Ilissos (today's Vasileos Konstantinos Avenue) which in the late 19th century. was the border of the city, in the area from the Kallimarmaro Stadium to the hill of Prophet Elias. As Kostas Biris pointed out, before the settlement was developed, the area was called Pagkrati or Pangrati. Between the then Athens and Pagrati, there was a "Zappeion, the Royal - National Garden and the camps along the Ilissos". As the Inter-war Eleutheroudic encyclopedia mentioned, Pagkrati was "a district of Athens, outside the city plan area, across Vatrachonissi to Hymeton Hill". Pagrati is identified with the Agra municipality of antiquity. Pagrati extends east of Vasilissis Sofias Boulevard and extends to the north to the Art Gallery, east to Nikiforidis Street and Delignan Square and south to Eliopoulos Avenue and the First Cemetery. With the incorporation of Pagratius into the city plan during the Interwar period, the boundaries of the settlement were limited to the east for the benefit of neighboring municipalities, while they extended northwards to Ilissos reaching Vasilissis Sofias Avenue. Around the Kalimarmaro area, as well as the A 'Cemetery, it had references at the beginning of the century as a separate area called "Stadio"

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