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Perissos Transfers

Perissos is a district of which only a very small part belongs to the municipality of Athens, the one on the border with the districts of Rizoupoli and Prombonas. The remainder belongs to the municipality of Nea Ionia. Plyos was an industrial area in the past and many old factory buildings are still preserved in the area. A part of them is repaired and used as office or commercial premises. In the area of ​​Perissos, lies on the border with New Philadelphia, the old stadium of the Athletic Union of Constantinople. In the center of Perios there is the Holy Church of Agia Anastasia of Pharaoholthyria, built by the inhabitants of Asia Minor, in memory of the Temple of the same name that existed in the Asia Minor Choir of Asia Minor before the Asia Minor Catastrophe. From Electric Railroad passes through Perissa and the area is served by the station of the same name.

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