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Perama Transfers

Perama is a suburb of Piraeus and is the westernmost end of the Athens Town Planning Complex. Perama is the westernmost tip of Piraeus and is 14.7 km from the city center, while it borders the municipalities of Chaidari (north) and Keratsini (east). The southern side of Perama is bordered by the bay of Keratsini, while its western side meets the waters of the Strait of Salamis (According to the above, the name of Perama is probably due to its position, which is a passage from the continental part of Athens and Piraeus to Salamis). Perama is a rocky area. In fact, its terrain has slopes that in some places exceed 30%. The municipality develops from the surface of the sea to the altitude of 266 meters (top of the Holy Trinity), and includes pieces from both sides of Egaleo.During the antiquity the area of ​​Perama was named Amphali. At one of the peaks of Mount Egaleo, which are part of the Perama Municipality, it is believed that the place where the Persian emperor Xerxes attended the naval battle of Salamis (480 BC). This peak is called by the inhabitants of Perama "The Throne of Xerxes". Modern Perama acquires the form of a small settlement in the 1920s, when many refugees from Constantinople, Asia Minor and especially from Iconium and the Black Sea seek for their new life in this region. New Iconion of Perama was created and received its name from the Asia Minor refugees coming from the city of Iconium of Asia Minor. In 1928 the first shipyards of Perama were founded. This has resulted in the arrival of new residents, mostly islanders.

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