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Zografou Transfers

Zografou is one of the eastern districts of Athens. It is located 4 km east of the center of Athens, at an altitude of 140 meters, on the northern slopes of Hymettus. It borders north with the Papagos-Cholargos (Papagos) and Athenian (Ambelokipoi) municipalities, to the south with the Kesariani and Athenians (Ilisia) and westwards with the Municipality of Athens (Goudi). East is Mount Ymittos. It is currently in the general urban complex of Athens and is geographically located in the capital's central Athens area. Due to its proximity to the center it has similar building characteristics. Nonetheless, it is a rich green area, which is concentrated mainly at the foot of Hymettus. The Municipality gained great value due to the construction of the University campus and the Polytechnic University, resulting in high prices in the rented apartments. The old area was a forest and arable land with lush vegetation, crops, forest and groves. In the middle of the 20th century, with the urbanization of Athens, the area grew. The forests of the area, mainly pine trees, were located in the southern, southeast and eastern parts of the settlement. The history of the area of ​​Zografos dates back to antiquity, where the municipality of Potamos was located. In 1832, the occupation of the area began with the liberation of Athens by the Turks. At that time, the abbot of I. Moni Petrakis, Hantiziphneris Petrakis purchased thousands of acres of land from the Athens Pashas in today's Zografos area as well as in the rest of Athens. Then the property went to his heirs. In 1928 they distributed the major area of ​​Zografou between them. Approximately 600 acres of land in today's Terma of Nea Zografou remained undisturbed. The remnants of the cell of Hantziprheni Petrakis are now in the area between Georgiou Zografou, Plastira, Iokastas, Paxos and G. Afxentiou.

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