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Magoula Transfers

Magoula is a municipal unit of the Municipality of Elefsina in Attica. It is 1.5 km east of Mandra. The area was originally built at the foot of the hill of the Prophet Elias, today it has expanded to the south and has begun to extend north and beyond the hill of Prophet Elias, where mostly Pontius reliquaries reside. According to the local historian Vangelis Liapis, the first inhabitants of Magoula were Kountouriotes of Paleochori, who were mostly shepherds and retinas, grazing their sheep on the pastures in the current town where they settled later. Magoula was inhabited towards the end of the Ottoman domination when residents from the mountainous Koundura were already safe from the raids of the Turks and moved south. In 1836 it is mentioned as a village of the Municipality of Eleusina and in the first official data of the Ministry of In 1875, it was recorded as an "agricultural village" with a population of 115 inhabitants. It became an independent community in 1914, with its inhabitants being the most important occupation of agriculture, livestock, retrieval and beekeeping.Soon after 1970 the population of Magoulas began to grow, this increase was due mainly to reasons of internal migration due to the increased demand for labor in West Attica and Attica in general. Another reason was the low cost of land. Magoula, being on the outskirts of the Basin, had not been developed urbanly and thus generally provided low cost of living and land to those who migrated from different parts of Greece in search of work.

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