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Vari Transfers

Vari is a settlement of Attica, located 26 kilometers south of the center of Athens. It is built between the southern mountains of Hymettus, very close to the Saronic coast. Barkiza is interposed between the coasts and the settlement. In antiquity the Varis area corresponded to the Anagyruntos Municipality of Ancient Athens. The settlement is governed by the Municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmenis. In the area of ​​Vari, the Military School of Evelpidon (SSE) is based. In Vari there are traces of habitation (such as broken vases), dating back to the 3rd millennium BC. In Vari, a burial cemetery of Mycenaean times was found in a rescue excavation whose findings were dated to the second half of the 14th century and its first half 13th century. B.C. In antiquity the Varis area corresponded to the Anagyruntos Municipality of Ancient Athens. There are tombs and graveyards dating back to the geometric period. The center of the municipality was on the hill of Lathouchiza, where 25 small houses were excavated, sacred and altar with finds such as clay statuettes, buckles and earrings dating back to the 7th-5th century BC. Around the hill have found foundations of residences and other ancient materials, some of which are embedded in newer structures, such as the cemetery of the Saints of All. At the site of Asyrma, an archaeologist, Maria Sutou, has been excavated as an entrance building on the eastern side, which is considered to be a marketplace, a place for gathering citizens and perhaps an exercise room.

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