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Paiania Transfers

Paiania (formerly Liopesi) is a suburb and city of Eastern Attica in the Mesogeion valley. It is located at the eastern outskirts of Hymettus at an altitude of approximately 200 m, 17 km east of Athens and 4 km southwest of Pallini. It has a large agricultural area due to past expropriations of the neighboring farms Karela, Vraonos, Pallinis, Vakalopoulos and others. It is the place of origin of Demosthenes, Rinon (political and general), Kallikrates, Philon (Delian preacher), and other eminent Attic residents. The city of 42,762 acres extends to the facilities of the International Airport "El. Venizelos", while Attiki Odos passes within its administrative boundaries. The name Paiania is ancient Greek and is the name of one of the richest municipalities of ancient Athens, the Municipality of Paiania. In the antiquity, this municipality was distinguished in "Hydernatten Paiania" and "Katehperten Paania", often called "Municipality Peanious" (such as Piraeus, Piraeus), while the inhabitant was called Peanean. Ancient Paiania was home to many great Athenian men, such as the orator Demosthenes, the period of great prosperity was from the 5th to the 3rd century BC. then it was one of the 5 largest municipalities in Attica. After the 3rd eg. century began its decline but never abandoned.

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