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Neo Faliro Transfers

Neo Faliro is a district of Piraeus at the beginning of the Faliro bay area. There are sources that document the existence of an ancient neighborhood called Echelides. Its boundaries start from the Holy Church of Panagia Myrtidiotissa and end at Kifissos river, while it borders on the east with the municipality of Moschato, north with the municipality of Agios Ioannis Rentis, while to the west is the continuation of Piraeus. The district of Neo Faliro began to be created in the 1850s and 1860s. The first settler of Neo Faliro was reportedly Giannopoulos, whose house was on the site where Aktaion Hotel was later built and today there is a block of flats and the Metropolitan Hospital. The original English interests of Athens-Piraeus Railway Company undertook the construction of a railway station and auxiliary facilities in the late 1860s.Outside the railway station, of course, the seafront promenade, the "Grand Hotel of the Station", the Theater of Faliro were reconstructed, existing private baths were built and private houses-villas for sale and letting, and later the stadium of Neo Faliro (1891) and the bicycle track (1895) were constructed for the needs of the first modern Olympic Games of 1896. The suburb of Neo Faliro then grew rapidly and established itself as a secular reference point for "good society" in Athens and Piraeus, as well as for a number of visitors and tourists. Hotels, restaurants, shows, dances, cultural events and a host of other events took place in the popular suburb that preferred politicians and military agents, ambassadors, wealthy bourgeoisie, industrialists and many people of letters and arts.

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