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Two Days Tour of Nafplio-Mycenae-Sparta (Mystras)

This tour starts at your hotel or from the place of your choice down town.

We will drive to the Corinth Canal where we will stop to take pictures and see the canal that connects the Corinthian and the Saronic Gulfs.

After that we will go to Nafplio where we will stay for one night. There you will have the chance to visit the Palamidi Fortress and climb the 999 steps (or use the cable cars) to get to the top and admire the view from above. Palamidi was built in 1687 by the Venetian rulers.

The Bourtzi, a Venetian fortress on a small island in the middle of the harbour, can be seen from anywhere when walking around in Nafplio; from the harbour, while having coffee or lunch in one of the cosy small restaurants.

Because we will stay here overnight, in the evening you will have the opportunity to walk around in its picturesque narrow cobblestoned streets and enjoy dinner or a drink in this romantic atmosphere.

The next day we will pick you up at the place we have agreed and continue our tour by visiting Mycenae.

The first stop for the second day is Mycenae, an ancient city of Argolis where you can see many ancient sights. You can visit the Archaeological Museum, which opened in 2003 and displays big and small treasures from all the periods of Mycenae, as well as from other places which lie nearby. You will also have the possibility to take a closer look at the Tomb of Agamemnon, the Lion Gate and the Cyclopean Walls.
Later, we will go to Sparta, a place known as Lacedaemon. It lies near the right side of the river Eurotas. The beautiful valley where it is situated is very green because of the olive, orange and lemon trees. The mountain Taygetos lies on the southwest with its wild beauty. On the east side of the city you will see the mountain range of Parnonas, which is full of firs and other types of trees. The city was rebuilt after the liberation in 1834, by the decision of king Otho, and the official ceremony was on 1st of January, 1857.

The remains of the temple of Orthia Artemida have been uncovered in Sparta. The archaeologists have also found remains of other temples dedicated to Athena and Apollo, as well as a Roman theatre. The site has also an Archeological Museum and a Museum of Olives.
Our last visit will be Mystras, a Byzantine town 6 km from Sparta. Some buildings, among them beautiful palaces, have been rebuilt. Mystras is a source of great historical, artistic and cultural value, especially in the two last centuries of the Byzantine era. The history of Mistra started in the mid 13th century when the Franks completed the conquest of the Peloponnese.

Back in town we can leave you at the same place we picked you up or somewhere else down town.


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Tour: Two Days Tour of Nafplio-Mycenae-Sparta (Mystras)
Persons: 1-4
Price: €550

 Extra Persons after 4th (€20 per person)


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Notes & Conditions
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Extra charge of 10 euros for night hours (23.00 - 07.00).
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