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Markopoulo Transfers

Markopoulo is a municipality of Eastern Attica, in the heart of Mesogeia. It is the seat of the commune of the same name. It is a continuation of an old Arvanite settlement in Attica with inhabitants established for many centuries. It is one of the areas, along with Keratea and Koropi, who experienced great residential development after the projects that took place in the wider region in 2004. Important projects were created in the area due to the 2004 Olympic Games, most notably the creation of the new Hippodrome of Attica and the transfer to it of all the functions of the old racecourse in Tzitzifies. The creation of the Hippodrome resulted in the construction of major road works that brought decongestion to the area during the summer periods, as it was also the final destination of the famous Attiki Odos, while the connection to Spata Airport is direct. At the same time, it has lost its rural character and today it is a modern town that is constantly on the rise to more and more urbanization, after the strong advantages it has gained. The majority of permanent residents, however, still continue to have strong family ties with the older residents even though they have not lost the bonds of mutual understanding and personal relations between themselves. The soil is very fertile (something common in Mesogia) and a number of products are grown, with the most important vineyards, olives and pistachios.

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