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Lamia Transfers

Lamia Lamia (referred to from the 8th to the 19th century under the name Zitouni) is the city and capital of the Regional Unity of Fthiotida. It is situated on the slopes of Mount Othrys, near Sperchios. It joins the Central with Northern Greece, as through it passes the Motorway 1, which connects Athens with Thessaloniki. It is a center of fertile farming and livestock. With the "Kallikratis" program, which was established after the end of the 2010 Municipal Elections, Lamia remained the seat of the now-expanded Municipality of Lamia. It was also placed as the capital of the Region of Central Greece, accumulating all the services provided.According to mythology, Lamia was built by Lamos, the son of Hercules and Uphalis, the widow of Queen Lydia, who bought Hermes from Hermes. Another version is that it was built by Lamia, the Queen of the Trachins, daughter of Poseidon. The word Lamia is etymologically related to the "throat" or "lamos", which means a gap, a sparse or even an aorta, a greedy man. It was known that a great and deep stream flowed through the city. On the northeast side of People's Square, a recent gorge with running water was revealed in a recent excavation for rebuilding. Besides, her planes are irrefutable witnesses. It is not excluded, therefore, that Lamia was named after that the stream and the many lamies that lived during its years in its dense vegetation. Another theory is what Aristotle mentions. The word Lamia is a female, adjective name, and means the region, the country, the city situated between two hills. Around 19 AD Lamia for the first time loses her name and is called Sevati in honor of the Roman emperor ("Sebastian" was the Greek version of the Latin title of Augustus).

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